Watch Google Street View map miniature Las Vegas

One of Google Street View’s camera cars has been shrunk right down for a special project to map Hamburg’s Miniatur Wunderland model world.

Google partnered with German interactive mapping firm Ubilabs to build the new camera device for the toy-sized car, which was handmade to map the attraction.

Miniatur Wunderland is home to Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore, totalling some 1,300 square meters, about a quarter of the size of a football pitch.

Mount Rushmore
Credit: Miniatur Wunderland

With 200,000 miniature citizens and 13,000 kilometers of railway track, the company claims to have the largest model of its kind anywhere in the world.

Much like our own world, the rather wonderful model is still under construction. It is scheduled to double in size by 2020.

➤ The best things come in small (Street View!) packages  [Google via TechRadar]

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