Alphabet renames Google Life Sciences to ‘Verily’

Alphabet renames Google Life Sciences to ‘Verily’

Ever since Google created and was assimilated by Alphabet earlier this year, we knew many changes were abound for companies previously owned by the big G. Today we have one of the first since alphabet launched: Google Life Sciences has been renamed to Verily.

Google Life Sciences started out in 2012 with a project to design a contact lens for diabetics that could monitor glucose levels in tears. It’s since  been dedicated to a variety of other research ventures, from cancer to mental health. It looks like none of that is changing with the new name.

The company doesn’t provide a specific reason for taking on the Verily title, but it says this about the change:

As a life sciences team within Google[x], we were able to combine the best of our technology heritage with expertise from across many fields. Now, as an independent company, Verily is focused on using technology to better understand health, as well as prevent, detect, and manage disease.

It’s a little odd getting used to not having the Google moniker in front of all the Alphabet companies, as it was an easy way to tell all these companies were related. Still, the change will hopefully mean Verily can carve out its own identity and take on more impactful endeavors without worrying about how its results affect Google proper.

Verily via Stat News

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