Wow, this Android phone is stupid cheap

Wow, this Android phone is stupid cheap

Sometimes you’re in the market for a super cheap phone. Whether you’re just looking for a stopgap replacement, a backup or a burner, having a cheap and cheerful smartphone around is something worth considering.

Today, Motherboard spotted a TracFone on WalMart’s website, developed in partnership with LG, that has pushed the price of an Android smartphone down to less than $10.

$10! Depending on where you live, that’s less than a lunch at your favorite restaurant.

Of course, a smartphone this cheap isn’t anywhere close to cutting edge. It runs on Android KitKat — a couple of OS updates behind and a far cry from the current Marshmallow — and will probably never be able to upgrade.

It has a 3.8″ touchscreen display that is lacking any visual bells and whistles. But it does have a (3 megapixel) camera and functional Bluetooth, so you can definitely do smartphone things with it. Capable of 3G (but not LTE), the phone has a 4GB microSD slot that can be expandable, so there’s hope to upgrade from the initial poor storage found in the phone for a few bucks extra.

Did we mention it costs less than $10?

Currently, the phone is sold out, so you’ll have to be diligent at your local store or pick it up when it goes back on sale. It’s not the prettiest, most advanced or most secure phone, but it’s dirt cheap. Sometimes, that’s all you need.

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