YouTube launches much-hyped Music app

YouTube launches much-hyped Music app

Finally, YouTube Music is coming out to play. After launching ad-free subscription service YouTube Red last month, users will now get a chance to download and stream music via iOS and Android.

Simply called YouTube Music, the app allows users to scan the platform’s deep catalogue of music videos and play in a completely new interface. It does all the things you probably wished the regular YouTube app would do when you pull up music: continuously play music from similar artists or genres, even when the screen is turned off.


In addition to creating playlists, some artists licensed under YouTube Music will offer full albums, working as a streaming service akin to Spotify or Tidal. There’s also an ability to save songs for listening offline.

Of course, most of these features are contingent on actually signing up for the YouTube Red service, which runs you $9.99 per month. Non-subscribers will not know the pleasures of ad-free, offline or audio-only play, but will still get full access to the library YouTube is offering.


For those on the fence about paying for an enhanced experience, YouTube is offering a free 14-day trial of premium mode.

Youtube Music is available in the Google Play store and the App Store. It’s US-only for now.

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