Google’s drone delivery service is coming in 2017


Google just announced 2017 as the planned launch date for its “Project Wing” drone delivery service. The service plans to deliver consumer goods and products from door-to-door by unmanned aircraft in under 30 minutes.

The announcement from David Vos, the project leader at Project Wing, came after successful test flight deliveries in Australian trials earlier in the year. This could potentially make Google first to market in a drone delivery space that has drawn interest from the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and dozens of others.

Google’s team of drones are said have a five pound (2.3kg) carrying capacity and the ability to hover over the delivery area while the package is winched to the ground.

Google could still be met with regulatory hurdles, it’ll no doubt have to prove the viability of this delivery method on US soil at some point, but the announcement is an exciting one.

➤ Google plans drone delivery service for 2017 [BBC]

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