Google kills off ‘OK Google’ detection on Chrome for desktops

Google kills off ‘OK Google’ detection on Chrome for desktops

Fresh off of killing Chrome’s desktop notification center, Google is removing another big feature from its browser: ‘OK Google’ detection.

As VentureBeat notes, Version 46 of the browser (on Windows, Mac and Linux) removes the hotword’s detection; it’s been available in the browser since Chrome 35, which came along in May of last year.

As for why it’s removing the feature, Google’s providing the the same answer as when it removed the notification center: not enough people were using it.

This was compounded by the fact that it only worked when you had open. It’s simply not as convenient as having Cortana in Windows 10 listening at all times, or using the feature on your phone. That said, you can still look use voice search by clicking on the microphone icon.

While we’re sure some users will miss it, with continuing complaints over Chrome’s bloatedness, shedding some weight could help speed up the browser or make way for other, more useful features. Besides, there’s a chance Google could offer the feature as an extension, given that’s how it started in the first place.

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