Google’s new ‘Fun Facts’ feature is a procrastinator’s dream

Google’s new ‘Fun Facts’ feature is a procrastinator’s dream

If you’re feeling a bit bored today, type the phrase “fun facts” into the Google search box… Have you done it?

The search engine is serving users up random q & a style facts that are sure to keep your procrastination going for a while longer.

As well as giving you the bite-sized knowledge, it also gives you a link to the source so you can broaden your knowledge even more if you’re feeling curious.

It appears to be a neat update on Google’s ‘I’m feeling lucky’ feature and although the facts I was shown appear pretty random right now, I bet Google will start using our data to give us eerily personalized facts eventually.

Did you know carrots used to be purple? Or Manhattan was purchased for $24 back in 1626?

➤ Google Search for “Fun Facts” serves up random Q&As via dynamic answer box [Search Engine Land]

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