Google’s new Street View app lets you upload your own 360-images

Google’s new Street View app lets you upload your own 360-images

Google’s mobile Street View app is getting a big update on iOS and Android today: you can now contribute your own 360-degree photos to Google Maps.

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It works with any cellphone using Google’s photo sphere stitching technology, but the app also now supports dedicated 360-degree cameras, like Ricoh’s Theta S camera, announced earlier today.

Meanwhile, a new ‘Explore’ section lets you see explore both official content from Google, as well as images contributed by the public.

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Aside from the fun of uploading your own content for the world to see, the new functionality helps Google flesh out its Street View content without sending out more 360-degree camera rigs; it could be especially useful for mapping the interiors of businesses and restaurants. That said, there’s no word on how the images are being curated, but we imagine Google will want to prevent poor quality or inappropriate images from staying on Maps.

If you want to contribute, the new app is rolling out to the iOS App Store and Google Play today.

➤ Introducing the new Street View app from Google Maps [Google Maps Blog]

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