Google+ brand posts will no longer show up on Google search cards

Google+ brand posts will no longer show up on Google search cards
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Google has made another slight move away from Google+, its social branch. Cards displayed with info sourced via Google’s knowledge graph will no longer show a brand’s posts on the social network.

Speaking to Search Engine Land, a Google spokesperson said the Google+ posts were removed from Knowledge Graph cards to provide more consistency. Recently, Google has also stripped Google+ branding from its search homepage and notification tray.

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Knowledge cards are found to the right of search results on, and display as containers that provide topical bullet-points about a company like stock prices, phone numbers and social profile links.

At a Google Photos event held after the Google I/O 2015 keynote, Vice President of Photos and Streams Bradley Horowitz said the company would be focusing on connecting people via Google+ rather than pushing social as a brand moving forward. It seems this effort is another move in that vein.

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