Google and Broad Institute collaborate to develop data-driven tools to fight diseases

Google and Broad Institute collaborate to develop data-driven tools to fight diseases

Google Genomics has linked up with the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard to make Broad’s DNA analysis software as a service available on the Google Cloud.

In a blog post announcing the move, Google says it is partnering with Broad to take genomics to the next level to help scientists discover real-world cures for diseases. The companies seek to build new tools and develop new insights to advance biomedical research by combining their expertise in bioinformatics, analytics and computing power.


The teams are wasting no time getting started.

Our first joint product is Broad Institute GATK on Google Cloud Platform, a managed service available now as an alpha release to a limited set of users. GATK, the Genome Analysis Toolkit, has become the standard for converting raw genomic data into reliable information about genetic variants. By running GATK as a service through Google Genomics, scientists can be more confident that they’re processing their data according to the best practices, without worrying about managing IT infrastructure. Google provides the infrastructure, and Broad provides the trusted analysis methods.

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This collaboration generally promises to help ease the path to progress in fighting disease by better storing, analyzing and managing biomedical research data. That benefits scientists – from both academia and the commercial sector — to promote and enhance discoveries, regardless of size or location. Google’s post said:

Our collaboration is a natural fit. We share many deep values — a passion for being the best at what we do, a belief in the power of technology to improve life, a focus on the end beneficiaries of our work, and a track record of creating the innovations that lead our industries.

Broad Institute has collected, sequenced and genotyped some 1.4 million biological samples and has developed and openly shared data processing methodologies that spur discoveries and get mentioned in prestigious journals.

Google Genomics assists the life science community in organizing and accessing worldwide genomic information via the same technologies as its consumer services like Search and Maps.

➤ Google Genomics and Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

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