Google’s notification menu no longer has Google+ branding

Google’s notification menu no longer has Google+ branding

Google has made another move away from social, changing “Google+ Notifications” on the web to “Google Notifications.”

In addition to the new header text in the notification drop-down pane, Google+ post notifications now have their own icon. Previously, notifications from other Google properties like Blogger had icons while social updates did not.

Though Google has said social is still important for them, there seems to be an ongoing effort to relegate it. At I/O last week, Google Photos was announced — essentially a standalone version of the popular Google+ Photos app.

Similarly, the Google+ link on was replaced with an icon in the app drawer. Tiles can even be shuffled, so those totally uninterested in Google+ can shove the icon deep into the second page of apps.

The bottom of the notifications drop-down still has a “Previously read on Google+” shortcut for older notifications, but that could change any day.

From Google+ Notifications to Google Notifications [Unofficial Google Operating System Blog]

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