Google launches its first Apple Watch app with News & Weather

Google launches its first Apple Watch app with News & Weather

There have been no shortage of Apple Watch apps since the device launched in April, but so far one company has been conspicuously absent: Google.

That changes today, as its most recent update to the iOS News & Weather app is compatible with the smartwatch.

It’s pretty basic so far. You can swipe through headlines and images, but you can’t read stories or summaries right from the app. You can, however, save articles to Safari’s Reading List with a Force Click.

Of course, that’s not terribly surprising; Google has generally fully integrated its services into iOS, usually with all the same functionality you can find on Android. We wouldn’t be surprised to see more Apple Watch apps show up in the near future.

Google’s main search app, complete with Google Now and voice search, would be particularly notable if the company could replicate its existing functionality on Android Wear. How Apple would react to that, we’ll have to wait and see.

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