Google Play partners with Lionsgate to give Mad Men an interactive send off

Google Play partners with Lionsgate to give Mad Men an interactive send off

After eight years of whiskey swigging and sordid affairs, Mad Men is coming to an end on May 17.

To celebrate the occasion, the show’s production company Lionsgate has partnered with Google Play to debut ‘The Mad Men Experience.’

The website is set to be an “interactive, art-exhibit-style” experience with a look back at memorable moments, insights into characters, rare artwork, interviews, commentaries and other unseen content.

It’s notable that this is the first time Google Play has formed such a partnership with a TV show, capitalising on what was a consistent source of steady traffic for its search engine for almost a decade.


Don Draper was the most searched character with queries over the actress who plays Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss) and how to mimic the vintage hairstyles following closely behind.

The aim of this feature is to drive fans to download (and pay for) episodes of the show.

However, in a promotional bid, the first episode of season one is being offered for free at the moment on Google Play in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

You can buy any of the other episodes on the Play Store, or you can stream them on Netflix.

The Mad Men Experience will be shown at the ‘Farewell to Mad Men’ event being hosted by the Television Academy on May 17 with panel discussions from the cast and crew.

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