Hijackers target Google’s Malaysian home page and disrupt service

Google Malaysia

Some users who tried to access Google’s Malaysian site over the past few hours were redirected to a page saying, “Google Malaysia Hacked,” reports The Wall Street Journal.

Google Malaysia acknowledged that its service was disrupted owing to DNS redirection in a tweet, and encouraged users to visit its country-neutral page until it resolved the issue.

A spokeperson told WSJ:

“We’re aware that some users are having trouble connecting to google.com.my, or are being directed to a different website. We’ve reached out to the organization responsible for managing this domain name and hope to have the issue resolved shortly.”

The page that users were redirected to read, “Google Malaysia Hacked by Tiger-Mate. #Bangladeshi Hacker.”

While the motive and origin of the attack aren’t yet known, it’s similar to a DNS hijacking case in February that disrupted access to Google’s Vietnam homepage.

It appears that Google Malaysia is now back online, but Google is yet to confirm that the issue has been sorted.

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