Google accidentally invited some Apps users to try Inbox

Google accidentally invited some Apps users to try Inbox

This morning, Twitter lit up with people excitedly exclaiming that they’d finally gotten access to try Google Inbox on their Google Apps accounts, then, after a few hours it retracted a whole lot of those invitations.

Some people managed to actually get up and running on Google Inbox with Google Apps — almost all of those reporting that it worked seem to be using the grandfathered, free version of Google Apps — but others using paid accounts have received an email from Google apologizing for the mistake.

Here at The Next Web, we received an invite but the option to enable the app hasn’t appeared in our admin panel just yet. Others have reported the same thing, while some have managed to get it enabled.

There’s nothing like having your hopes dashed a few hours after you thought you were chosen for Google’s shiny new beta.

We’ve reached out to Google to see if we can find out what went wrong, however it appears that some of the invites are valid so be sure to try it out.

If you got an invite that was later corrected, let us know in the comments.

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