Google launches new store for ‘Made with Google’ hardware

Google launches new store for ‘Made with Google’ hardware

Just as Google announced a new Chromebook Pixel, the company has also taken the wraps off a new store that will sell “Made with Google” hardware.

The new store will sit alongside the existing Play Store, which is now dedicated to only digital content. Google Store exists to make it easier to learn more about the hardware while you’re shopping and to purchase from a single place. This page says it’s easiest to think of it like this:

Need a hardware device? Think the Google Store. Need digital content to enjoy on your device? Think Google Play.


The site is made up of big pages that tout the features and specifications of hardware in a similar way to Apple’s per-product splash pages on its site.

Everything from the Chromebook Pixel to the Nest thermostat is on the new store and shipping is free within the US. The site also works on tablets and mobile phones so you can buy new devices with ease.

Play Store’s hardware page now redirects to the Google Store.

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