WSJ: Google working on an VR version of Android

WSJ: Google working on an VR version of Android

In a piece of news that should surprise no one, The Wall Street Journal reports that Google has a team working on build a virtual reality version of Android.

With devices like the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive getting at the very least gamers excited, it’s no surprise that the WSJ sources say that “tens of engineers” are working on building a version of Android that will power VR apps.

Google’s AR system didn’t become the must have device the company might have hoped and it shut down its Explorer program and has put Nest CEO Tony Fadell in charge of the device. VR on the other hand has been on a hot streak with Facebook spending $2 billion to acquire Oculus Rift.

A VR version would Android would fit into Google’s experimental nature. It’s a company that’s working on a driver-less car so working on making sure its mobile OS plays nice with VR is a no brainer.

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