Android’s latest ad has gone full Buzzfeed

Android’s latest ad has gone full Buzzfeed

Google ads are known for that heart-tugging, emotional quality to them (who didn’t tear up at the “Dear Sophie” ad?) and the latest Android commercial is no different. Except this time, instead of making you sentimental, Google has gone in the adorable animals route, Buzzfeed-style – featuring various species intermingling.


In the new ad titled “Friends Furever,” Google is continuing its “Be Together. Not The Same” tagline – promoting the various device options users have to experience Android Lollipop. The commercial doesn’t even show a single Android device, in fact, our favorite green bot doesn’t appear until the very last second.

But cute animals! Who can resist?

Google has also broken up the ad into smaller six-second clips likely to be used on YouTube. Feel free to pick and choose your favorite animal friendships below.

➤ Watch Android’s cutest ad yet [VentureBeat]

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