Google Translate adds 10 new Asian and African languages

Google Translate adds 10 new Asian and African languages

Multilinguals can now learn to say hello in 90 languages using Google Translate, after the company announced it added support for 10 new languages from Asia and Africa to its translation tool, with the help of contributors from the Translate Community.

Google can now translate text to and from the following languages:

  • Chichewa (from Malawi)
  • Malagasy (from Madagascar)
  • Sesotho (from Lesotho)
  • Malayalam (from India)
  • Myanmar (from Myanmar)
  • Sinhala (from Sri Lanka)
  • Sundanese (from Java in Indonesia)
  • Kazakh (from Kazakhstan)
  • Tajik (from Tajikistan)
  • Uzbek (from Uzbekistan)

Google Translate

Google says that the addition of these new languages will allow 200 million more users to translate text to and from their native languages. The languages are now live on Google Translate.

Google Translate – 10 More Languages with your Help [Inside Search]

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