You’ll soon be able to add images and notes to Google Chrome bookmarks

You’ll soon be able to add images and notes to Google Chrome bookmarks

Google is rolling out a new beta version of Chrome today, one that sports a new Bookmark Manager that lets you append an image and note to help you hunt down a bookmark more quickly.

So now when you access your bookmarks, you’ll be able to ‘see’ the content of the bookmarks via a grid-like display, with your own notes and snippets on what the bookmark is all about. Google says that your existing bookmarks will automatically be updated with pictures and descriptions, where it can.

If this sounds familiar, well, that’s because you may be thinking about Google’s standalone Chrome extension we wrote about a few weeks back. However with this upcoming Chrome Beta launch, these features will be baked right in to the browser.


To recap the other nuggets that were quietly introduced via the Bookmark Manager extension too, there are a number of pretty interesting new features.

If you’re signed-in to Chrome with Sync turned on, you will also be able to search for bookmarks more easily, as Google will not only look at the title of the bookmark or the accompanying note, but also the content of the page the bookmark links to.

This has the potential to be an extremely powerful feature if you can’t quite remember the site you bookmarked, but remember vaguely what it was about.

Chrome will also now suggest an existing folder for your bookmark with a view towards saving you a little time categorizing. Then there’s the ability to collect bookmarks by topic, with broad ‘Technology’ or ‘Sport’ tags letting you tailor things to your needs.

Finally, one further notable feature: If you have an entire folder of your top bookmarks, it’s now possible to make this available to the public and share it with a link.

You can access the new Chrome Beta today, before the new tools arrive in the full version at a later point.

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