Google to sunset Wallet for digital goods purchases

Google to sunset Wallet for digital goods purchases

In a world filled with payment processors for dealing with online in-app purchases, Google has decided to step out of the game.

The company quietly announced today that it’s sunsetting Google Wallet for digital goods. The service was launched in 2012 as a way to purchase virtual items on the web and inside online games.

The company says that since launching the product the “industry has matured a lot” and is now “providing a number of alternative payment solutions.” Google doesn’t offer any suggestions for alternative providers, however.

Google also said that those using in-app purchases on mobile via Google Wallet will continue to be supported.

Developers using the API have until March 2, 2015 to stop using it, at which time payments will fail to process and recurring payments that are set up will stop processing.

This change doesn’t affect Google Wallet’s checkout process for buying goods online using the ‘buy with Google’ button found on many websites.

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