Kansas City now has the fastest Starbucks Wi-Fi in the US thanks to Google Fiber

Kansas City now has the fastest Starbucks Wi-Fi in the US thanks to Google Fiber

If you’re a coffee-drinker and frequent internet user, you’ve probably found yourself sitting in Starbucks on more than a few occasions. But for those in one Kansas City outlet, broadband speeds just got silly.

Google has been gradually expanding its free speedy Wi-Fi in Starbucks across the US for a while, but the internet giant has revealed that the coffee house’s outlet on 41st and Main Street, Kansas City, is the first to be connected to Google’s super-fast Fiber network.

The Google Fiber story kicked off in Kansas City way back in 2012, so it’s perhaps surprising that it’s taken this long for a Starbucks to get in on the action, though it was previously announced that it would eventually arrive in-store there.


Besides fast Web access, there are also community tables with Chromebooks wired directly to Google Fiber, not to mention built-in wireless charging to power up devices. And with speeds of up to 100 times faster than your standard cable modem, you shouldn’t encounter too many buffering problems when watching YouTube.

The Starbucks community board has also been given a digital lick of paint in this store, letting you view local news, events and more.

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While Fiber is still a very restricted affair geographically, Google is making moves to expand the lightning fast internet and television service to many more cities across the US, with more news expected on this front by the end of 2014.

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