Companies can now highlight important email information in Google’s Inbox app

Inbox carousel

Google just announced a new feature called Highlights in its email management app Inbox, to allow companies to make actionable items and important info in their email messages more noticeable to recipients.

With a few lines of prescribed code, developers can mark up parts of their emails that they want users to be able to spot quickly, and these details appear as easy-to-view ‘chips’ right in the inbox. This works great for departure and arrival times in flight confirmation emails, location info in restaurant and hotel bookings, and any other message types that contain concise pertinent details that users need to find quickly.

Highlights in Inbox

Highlights makes it possible to surface such details in Inbox, and also allows Gmail, Google Now, Google Search, and Maps to interact with messages on Android and iOS devices. It’s certainly good news for companies that send out large volumes of transactional emails, and users will benefit from being able to find important details without having to hunt through their inboxes.

Developers can begin taking advantage of this new feature right now using the instructions and code samples Google has provided. Here’s to email getting smarter, simpler and easier to use in the days to come.

Make your emails stand out in Inbox [Google Developers Blog]

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