Google Play Books for Android now makes it easier to read non-fiction

Google Play Books

Google Play Books for Android is getting an update today, with a focus on non-fiction content.

The new version for Android devices brings three new features that make it easier to read textbooks, cookbooks, travel guides and more.

Skim Mode in the updated Play Books app
Skim Mode in the updated Play Books app

Skim Mode: go through an ebook quickly with a video-player-like scrollbar, so you can check out pages and sections of interest in a pinch (perfect for a travel guide when you want to get a quick gameplan together for a trip).

Quick Bookmarks: mark multiple pages in a book and hop back and forth between them fast (great for when you’re looking up two recipes at the same time in the kitchen).

Notes & Highlights: highlight text and add notes to important points and sections, and browse through them quickly (great for textbooks and study guides).

With the inclusion of these new features in the Google Play Books app, it now makes more sense to purchase non-fiction titles from the selection available in the Play store. The update also comes in time for buyers of the new Google Nexus 9 tablet to enjoy fiction and non-fiction content.

You can get the updated app for free on your Android phone or tablet now.

Google Play Books [Android]

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