Nest devices now work with other home automation systems, including Dropcam

Nest devices now work with other home automation systems, including Dropcam

Nest Labisn’t content with simply offering its own smart home devices: It wants to be the platform that binds all home automation hardware together.

Today, the Google-owned company announced that its products are now compatible with a bevy of other influential players: Control4, Crestron, Dropcam, Remote Technologies Incorporated, and Universal Remote Control.

It’s an extension of the ‘Works with Nest‘ developer program announced in June. A handful of high-profile partners were announced at the time, including Mercedes-Benz and Jawbone, but today represents its first real integration with companies that build hardware and systems specifically for the home.

The partnership with Dropcam, a home surveillance startup acquired by Nest earlier this year, will mean that its cameras will start recording automatically when a Nest Protect alarm goes off. Likewise, when you set your Nest Thermostat to Away – for instance, when you’re about to go on holiday – Dropcam will turn on motion alerts to ensure your home is secure.

URC, RTI, Crestron and Control4, meanwhile, offer whole-home automation systems that cover a wide range of features such as lighting, music and security. Although they’re not the most recognisable brands, the potential is clear; being able to control Nest products from other apps – such as those that cover the majority of your home automation hardware – and automating actions based on your input, or data recorded by different-branded devices in your home.

It’s early days, but it appears Nest is laying the groundwork for an all-encompassing smart home system. A lofty goal, but one that could prove particularly lucrative in the future.

Top image credit: Nest

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