Google reportedly wants to buy video-streaming service Twitch in a $1b deal to boost YouTube

Google is reportedly in early discussions to acquire live video-streaming platform Twitch, though they aren’t close to a deal yet, the Wall Street Journal reports. The deal, if it goes through, would be a boost for Google-owned YouTube, in particular its live-streaming section.

US entertainment magazine Variety pegs the deal at more than $1 billion in an all-cash offer.

Twitch launched as a fork of the Justin.tv livestreaming service and is focused on gamers. Sony’s gaming console PlayStation 4 has supported Twitch streaming since its launch, and it also recently got integrated into Microsoft’s Xbox One. Last year, at the Game Developers Conference, YouTube announced an API to let game developers bake livestreaming capabilities into their games, which could be seen as a response to the rising popularity of Twitch.

When asked for comment, a Google spokesperson tells TNW:  “We don’t comment on rumors or speculation.”

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