Google Play gets PayPal support in 12 countries, expanded carrier billing, gift cards, and developer sales

Google Play gets PayPal support in 12 countries, expanded carrier billing, gift cards, and developer ...

Google today announced a sizeable update to Google Play Payments with the addition of PayPal support in 12 countries. Additionally, it has expanded the support for carrier billing, Google Play gift cards, and developer sales to more countries.

The biggest news today is undoubtedly allowing users to choose PayPal for their Google Play purchases. When you make a purchase on Google Play, you’ll find PayPal as an option in your Google Wallet, letting you enter your PayPal account login to confirm the transaction.

PayPal can be used to buy apps and digital content on Google Play. Today’s launch supports the following 12 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, the US, and the UK.


Google also took the time today to note sales of apps and games on Google Play are up by more than 300 percent over the past year. With two-thirds of Google Play purchases happening outside of the US, and international sales continuing to climb, it makes the company wants to meet demand with more and more coverage.

Carrier billing, which lets users charge Google Play purchases directly to their phone bill, has received expanded coverage to seven more countries. It is thus now available in a total of 24, meaning almost half of all Google Play users now have the option when making their purchases.

Google Play gift cards are now available in a total of 13 countries. Developers based in 13 new countries can now sell apps on Google Play, bringing the total to 45 countries. Finally, buyer currency support has expanded to 28 new countries, making it easier for developers to tailor pricing in a total of 60 countries.

If you want to check which of the above is supported in your country, head over to the Google support link below.

Accepted payment & direct carrier billing methods

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