Google Shopping gets item previews, ‘visually similar’ results, shortlists, and 360-degree images

Google Shopping gets item previews, ‘visually similar’ results, shortlists, and 360-degree ...

Google today launched a new version of Google Shopping that adds a slew of features in time for the holiday season. The improvements include item previews, visually similar results, shortlists, and 360-degree images.


The new shopping experience spans desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Users can now quickly preview items to see details like sizes, colors, description, and even if it’s available at a nearby local store.

Since this is still essentially a search product, Google has also brought over another feature from its core product. “Visually similar” results give shoppers suggestions if they’ve found an item but want to see what else is out there that is comparable.


Next up, Google has added a shortlists feature that help you keep track of products that you’re interested in. Essentially, these are wish lists that let you compare items and share with friends and family. Depending on how you like to shop online, the shortlist can be useful or annoying: it stays with you at the top of each page while you browse Google Shopping.


Last but certainly not least, many items on Google Shopping can be seen as a 360° view. Google claims these interactive images “bring users the in-store feeling of holding and touching a product.” While that’s a big stretch, they definitely don’t hurt.

Unfortunately, Google has to add these manually. Manufacturers and brands interested in displaying such images of their products on Google Shopping can fill out this form.

Over the last year or so, Google has been pushing hard with its new Shopping service. While the site is by no means well-known yet, Amazon isn’t too pleased it has yet another potential competitor to deal with.

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Top Image Credit: Annie Mae

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