Google Glass update adds new commands to bring up your agenda and get directions to home and work

Google Glass update adds new commands to bring up your agenda and get directions to home and work

Google continues to develop Glass, its highly anticipated wearable head-mounted computer, with a couple of updates today which give users the ability to ask for directions to and from work, as well as check their current agenda.

By uttering the command: “Okay Glass, Google…” and then following up with a relevant command, Glass will now show a brief list of entries that you need to watch out for. A full list of compatible commands hasn’t been disclosed, although Google gave “my agenda” and “what am I doing in November?” as a couple of examples in a Google+ post.



In addition, Glass users will also be able to ask for directions in order to get home or back to work. Google said this has been integrated “by popular demand” and will now support the phrases “Okay Glass, get directions to home” and “Get directions to work.”



“It’s almost as magical as three ruby-slippered heel clicks,” Google said. We would love to agree with this statement, but until we can try it out for ourselves…we’ll just have to take the company’s word for it.

Still, these are some neat new features. Navigation has always been one of the most promising aspects of Glass and these new conversational commands should make the process of requesting this information a little more natural. Diary management can also be a laborious task, so a quick way to check your agenda during the day should be particularly useful.

Image Credit: BENOIT DOPPAGNE/AFP/Getty Images

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