Google updates its self-service Offers tool to let advertisers create ads ‘in minutes,’ add them to Google Maps

Google updates its self-service Offers tool to let advertisers create ads ‘in minutes,’ add ...

Google today announced an update to its Google Offers self-service tool for all US businesses that speeds up creation and adds Google Maps support. The new version is rolling out “within the next week.”

Google claims the new offer creation tool lets businesses create their offer “in minutes” and then showcase it to local customers across various Google properties. If you’re in charge of the marketing budget for your business, all you have to do is choose the type of offer you’d like to create and assign a budget.


Google Offers will then show your offer to customers based on their location, what they like, and what they’re looking for. Furthermore, you’ll only pay when a customer saves your offer, and Google doesn’t take a cut of the sales you make.


Google has now also added support for Google Maps. This means when potential customers are searching for places nearby or looking for local businesses, your company could be displayed with a blue tag icon next to it that indicates there is an offer available.

Once a customer saves your offer, Google Offer will share a reminder when they are near your store. Google will also remind them when their offer is expiring through both email and mobile alerts.

For those who don’t know, Google Offers is a service that allows for special offers and deals to be delivered to your inbox. Although it first launched in May 2011, Google has been expanding it aggressively this year by building it out on mobile and pushing it across its various properties. So get used to seeing Google Offers everywhere, at least in the US.

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