Google debuts ‘Estimated Cross-Device Conversions’ in AdWords to break down multi-screen purchases

Google debuts ‘Estimated Cross-Device Conversions’ in AdWords to break down multi-screen ...

Google is introducing ‘Estimated Cross-Device Conversions’ to its AdWords service today, giving advertisers a clearer idea of how their various paid-for ads are performing in Google Search.

The new metric has been designed to take into account this rather common scenario: A potential customer taps on an ad while browsing Google Search, but then closes the device before completing a transaction. Later, on a separate device, they return to the site and complete their order.

The paid-for link that appeared in the search results clearly affected the final order, so Google wants to make this cause and effect far clearer to AdWords users. As such, it verifies the effectiveness of its service and also gives advertisers more detailed information to take action on.

Cross-device conversions are estimated using a sample of data from users who are already using multiple devices with a single Google Account. The information will be available to AdWords users with conversion tracking once a critical mass of transactions have been completed using their ads.


Next, Google wants to crack even tougher conversion sources: “Over time, we’ll be adding other conversion types like phone calls and store visits as well as conversions from ads on our search and display network,” Sridhar Ramaswamy, SVP for Ads and Commerce at Google said.

Image Credit: JOHANNES EISELE/AFP/Getty Images

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