Google adds startup, lock, unlock, and shutdown sounds to latest Chrome OS build

Google adds startup, lock, unlock, and shutdown sounds to latest Chrome OS build

Google has added new sounds to the dev version of Chrome OS. The addition means Chrome OS users on the latest build of the company’s browser-based operating will hear specific jingles when they take actions such as starting up their computer, shutting it down, as well as locking and unlocking.

The addition was first noted by developer and Google open-source Chromium evangelist François Beaufort. He points to a Chromium code review that merely states “Added sounds for CrOS startup, lock, unlock and shutdown from go/ChromeSounds.”

Since so few people are on Chrome OS, and even fewer are on the dev channel, Beaufort has uploaded the sounds for your listening pleasure. They’re all exactly a second long, and you can check them out here (startup.wav, lock.wav, unlock.wav, and shutdown.wav).

This reminds me of sitting in lecture and hearing a bunch of Windows and OS X laptops boot up from every direction. This thankfully doesn’t happen as often because laptops are increasingly being put to sleep instead of completely powered down.

These Chrome OS sounds are all very subtle and don’t feel as if they would significantly get in the way. Of course they can all be disabled, in case they’re not your thing.

As a sidenote, Beaufort also noticed another small feature in the latest Chrome OS build. If you’re using the virtual keyboard, long-pressing on the “.com” button lets you choose between “.gov”, “.net” and “.org” as shown:


The dev channel for Chrome OS is updated once or twice weekly. Since the feature has made it in there, it’s likely to show up in the beta channel, and then eventually the stable channel.

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Top Image Credit: T. Al Nakib

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