Google Keep code hints at future Google Drive integration and support for video playback

Google Keep code hints at future Google Drive integration and support for video playback

Ever since Google launched Keep, its rival to note-taking apps like Evernote, there’s been an assumption that the service will integrate with Google Drive, which covers Google’s cloud storage and Google Docs services, but it seems that the connection will be broader than initially expected.

The folks at Google Operating System raked through the Keep code to find a few lines that hint at a future integration that will let you upload any file to Drive and add it to a note. The code suggests that you’ll be able to preview files from Keep using the Google Drive viewer and other apps.

Interestingly, it looks like there will be an option to add videos to Keep — using a YouTube URL or a file saved in Drive — and also play them back through the note-taking service.

Given the integration of Google Docs into Drive it figures that Keep will also become a part of the cloud storage system to let users more easily manage their notes.

For now, Keep is significantly lighter on features than Evernote, Simplenote and others, but at the same time that simplicity makes it pleasant for storing to-do lists, shopping lists, memory aids and other essentials. However, the lack of an iOS app means it’s only really useful for Android and Chrome users, at this point.

➤ Google Keep to Integrate With Google Drive [Google Operating System]

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