Is GoPro in trouble because of Google Glass? Yes. [Video]

Is GoPro in trouble because of Google Glass? Yes. [Video]

I didn’t wear my Glass on the River Raft trip yesterday. Too scared I would go overboard and lose mine. Abraham Williams wasn’t as attached and filmed this on his. Does GoPro have to worry? On the bus yesterday a group of us talked and decided that, yes, GoPro does have to worry.

A friend of my brother’s, Chris Greene, is the director of user experience at GoPro and Chris, you should have heard what people were saying on the bus: the user experience of using a GoPro sucks compared to Glass. If Google can waterproof Glass, and put them on frames that are better for sticking to your face during high-impact experiences, most of the GoPro users would choose to use that instead.

Abraham also had put a little cord on his Google Glass to make sure he wouldn’t lose it in high-impact experiences, like this. His Glass survived, although he said when water hit it the touch sensor would freak out a bit. Needless to say, the video is impressive…

Featured Image Credit / Julia de Boer

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