Google brings Group Publishing to the Chrome Web Store, lets multiple people manage content on one account

Google brings Group Publishing to the Chrome Web Store, lets multiple people manage content on one account ...

Google today announced the launch of Group Publishing on the Chrome Web Store. In short, the new feature lets multiple people manage the same publisher’s account.

Previously, an account on the Chrome Web Store could only be associated with a single email address, making it difficult to give more than one person access to the account to manage the inventory. Group Publishing aims to simplify the management of multiple people accessing an organization’s store account.

An organization can now simply create a Google Group and designate it as the account owner, then add and remove people from the Group as he or she sees fit. To do this yourself, head to the developer dashboard page and click the link to either associate an existing group as the Group Publisher, or create a new one:

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Once you’ve been added as a member, you can add, edit, and otherwise work with the store items and overall account-related properties. It doesn’t matter whether you have apps, extensions, websites, or themes on the store; this encompasses everything as it is for the whole publisher’s account.

“Many organizations have multiple items that they need to manage—updates need to be published, testers need to be assigned, promotional images need to be rotated, marketing text needs to be tweaked, and so on,” Google Software Engineer Wei Zheng explains. “With the new Group Publishing capability, an organization’s engineering, marketing and product management teams can now collaborate much more effectively to better manage their Chrome Web Store presence.”

This is a small but significant change for the Chrome Web Store. It’s part of a bigger push from Google as a of late to make the Chrome Web Store feature not just content you would expect to be specific to Chrome, but the entire Web.

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