Google letting Glass Explorers invite a friend to join the program

Google letting Glass Explorers invite a friend to join the program

If you have any friends that have turned into “Glassholes“, here’s an incentive for you to still be nice to them: Google is sending out limited invitations to its Glass Explorer testers allowing them to invite a friend into the program.

As noticed by Marketing Land, numerous Google Glass owners have reported receiving the invite, which includes a form for sharing Glass with a friend. Currently, the offer is only available to US residents aged 18 or older, and the smartglasses will need to be picked up in either New York, San Francisco or Los Angeles. And your friends won’t be getting a free ride, they’ll still need to pay the $1,500 for the specs.

Google offered first dibs on Glass to its developer ecosystem at its Google I/O conference last year. It then opened up the opportunity to others by running an #ifihadglass contest where interested parties submitted their ideas via social media.

If you’re curious about what it’s like to be a Glass Explorer, author Gary Shteyngart recently published a piece for The New Yorker with his thoughts on what it was like to be one of the first Glass owners in New York.

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Image credit: Ole Spata / AFP / Getty Images, Kata Rina

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