Google resolves Android developer issue in Argentina by switching to payments via Wallet

Google resolves Android developer issue in Argentina by switching to payments via Wallet

It’s been a month since Google backtracked on its previous decision to end payments to Android developers based in Argentina, and today the company resolved the issue by switching  local payments from Google AdSense to Google Wallet.

The company says developers that have money incoming can expect to get one final payment via AdSense, after which their future revenue will be paid out to Wallet accounts.

Google has asked developers in Argentina to provide bank details via Google Wallet even if it is already stored within their AdSense accounts. All payments will route to Google Wallet automatically after August 15 — developers who have not provided their details by that date will still accumulate income, but will only be able to get hold of it using Wallet.

The closing of the issue will come as a relief to Android developers in the Latin American country. Just two months ago, it appeared that direct payments from Google would cease, leaving them needing to find a workaround. Even when Google reversed its decision last month, the company warned that its setup was only for “the time being,” leaving the possibility that direct support could be yanked in the future.

Google has at no point explained why it is changing its approach to payments in Argentina, but it is thought to be down to the tightening of currency exchange regulations which has made it difficult to convert Argentine pesos into other currencies.

If you’re a developer in Argentina, you can find full details of the announcement here.

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