Google releases Glass system image and rooted bootloader for hackers, but warns of voiding the warranty

Google releases Glass system image and rooted bootloader for hackers, but warns of voiding the warranty ...

In a nod towards the modding community and hackers in general, Google has released the first factory system image and rooted bootloader for the latest version, XE5, of Google Glass. Nevertheless, the company is at the same time warning that using these downloads will result in a voided warranty for the experimental device.

The two files, weighing in at 331MB and 4.4MB respectively, are in a new factory images download section, as first spotted by Android Police. The downloads are listed in a table that would suggest Google will be releasing system images and rooted bootloaders for every (or almost every) Google Glass software update.

Nevertheless, the new section has the following highlighted message above the download links:

Warning: Rooting, unlocking, or flashing your Glass voids your warranty and can leave your device in an irrecoverable state. You will no longer receive OTA updates if you unlock or root your GLass. There is no guarantee that you will receive OTA updates even after flashing back to factory specifications. Proceed at your own risk.

Google also clearly wanted to share the commands for rooting Glass, but forgot to do so:


At the same time, the page includes a section about the kernel source code, which Google has been offering for a few weeks via its corporate GitHub at Instructions at explain how to download the source and a prebuilt gcc, as well as build the actual kernel.

Google Glass system images have been available via unofficial channels for some time now thanks to the hard work of the modding community. Yet the company has apparently decided to make life easier for the hackers involved, so they could focus on the arguably more exciting part of pushing Glass’ limits.

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