Google Fiber TV app lands on iPad, letting people in Kansas City browse, buy, watch and record content

Google Fiber TV app lands on iPad, letting people in Kansas City browse, buy, watch and record content ...

Google Fiber’s TV app has been available for Android for the best part of a month already, but now it’s landed on iPad too.

The Google Fiber TV app lets users control their whole Google Fiber TV via their Android smartphone, tablet and – now iPad.  This includes searching for new TV shows and movies to watch, as well as record directly to their DVR.

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Of course, this is only really usable for those with a subscription to Google Fiber TV service, which is only available in select areas of Kansas City at present.


Users of the new iPad app can also browse, buy and watch on-demand content directly on their iPad, though there’s no word yet as to whether this will arrive for iPhone-users too.

The Google Fiber TV app for Android was originally restricted to Google’s Nexus 7 tablet, but it finally opened up to any Android smartphone and tablets on Android 4.1 last month.

Google Fiber was first announced for Kansas way back in July last year, with installations kicking off in November just after it was revealed Google Fiber subscribers were getting more TV channels, including Fox Business Network, Fox College Sports Atlantic, Fox College Sports Central, Fox College Sports Pacific, Fox Deportes, Fox Movie Channel, Fox News Channel, Fox Soccer, as well as other non Fox-related channels.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Fiber was getting its first 3D channels – 3net and ESPN3D, which certainly seemed like good news on the surface, but when you consider the limited availability of Google Fiber TV, and far-from-ubiquitous nature of 3D TV, well, it has a small market for now.

However, it was recently revealed that Austin, Texas is next up for Google’s super-fast Internet and TV service in 2014, followed by Provo, Utah.

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