Google Play gets 500+ issues of Archie, Sonic, and Mega Man comics in the US, $0.99 each for a limited time

Google Play gets 500+ issues of Archie, Sonic, and Mega Man comics in the US, $0.99 each for a limited ...

Google on Monday announced a nice addition to the US version of Google Play: over 500 issues, digests, and digital exclusives of Archie Comics. For those who don’t know, that encompasses more than just the Archie family; it also includes the Sonic Universe and Mega Man.

That being said, the majority of the comics are all about Archie and his friends. If you want to start sifting through, the collections are as follows: Archie & Friends, Life with Archie, Betty & Veronica, Cheryl Blossom, Jughead, and more.

To celebrate the launch and promote the new additions, Google has decided to offer each and every one of the comics for just $0.99. The deal is only available “for a limited time,” so if you want to expand your digital collection, there’s no time like the present:


Just like all of Google Play’s content, these issues will work whether you’re accessing them from the Web, or your Android device (both phones and tablets are supported). Unfortunately, the US-limitation means most users won’t be able to purchase them at any price.

Google has not revealed when it plans to offer the comics to those outside the US. In fact, the company also didn’t say how much these comics would be going for at their regular price (some may go as high as $15 if this Marvel Comics issue is any indication, but that’s a stretch).

Although Archie fans will likely disagree, today’s addition is a relatively small one in the grand scheme of Google Play. One rumor suggests the store will soon be expanding into news, featuring issues as well as subscriptions. Still, if Google is going to continue taking on Apple’s App Store, it’s going to need to expand in all directions, both big and small.

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Top Image Credit: Victoria Clare

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