Google starts selling the Nexus 4 again in the US and Germany, but other countries still left in the dark

Google starts selling the Nexus 4 again in the US and Germany, but other countries still left in the ...

Google has started selling its highly sought-after Nexus 4 smartphone again in the Google Play Store, but only in one region – Germany.

Spotted by The Verge, the sudden burst of stock follows heavy supply problems since the device was launched by the technology giant alongside the Nexus 10 and tweaked Nexus 7 tablets last November.

LG, which Google partnered with to design and manufacture the device, has been blamed in the past for the shortage. Dan Cobley, the Managing Director of Google’s UK division, took to Google+ last month to explain the issues, going so far as to apologize for LG’s “scarce and erratic” supply of the smartphone. He later called LG’s communication “flawed”, and promised that the device was now being shipped for anyone who had originally received a three to five day delivery estimate.

Since then though LG has retaliated, with Cathy Robin, director of LG Mobile in France, citing Google’s poor sales estimates as the central reason for the stock problems.

Bickering aside, both companies have struggled over the New Year to catch up with the demand for the Nexus 4. Last December it was announced that the Nexus 4 would be available again in the Google Play store for both Germany and the UK, however that trickle of stock appears to have been short lived.

The Nexus 4 is a well-specced device, and we reviewed it favorably due to its good looks, sharp 4.7-inch screen and stock Android version 4.2 (Jelly Bean) mobile operating system. LTE capabilities (or lack thereof) aside, for Google enthusiasts it’s one of the top Android handsets on the market at the moment – only adding to the high demand.

Update: The Nexus 4 has now been updated to “ships soon” in the US Google Play Store too.

Nexus 4

It’s unclear whether the device will soon become available in regions outside of the US and Germany, but we’ll update this post as and when we know more.

Image Credit: drustar/Flickr

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