YouTube adds Google+ quick share for uploaded videos, Google+ profiles get YouTube tab

YouTube adds Google+ quick share for uploaded videos, Google+ profiles get YouTube tab

On Wednesday, Google engineer Dom Carr quietly unveiled two significant changes to how Google+ and YouTube are tied together, which are rolling out this week. The changes make the process of sharing newly uploaded videos to Google+ easier, while increasing traffic to YouTube from profiles pages on the social network.

Users that have connected their Google+ and YouTube accounts now have the option to automatically share new uploads to the social network. All you have to do is check the box, add a note, and watch as both of Google’s services post your video.

Meanwhile, YouTube video creators who want to promote content on their Google+ page can now easily show off all their public YouTube videos on their Google+ profile. To show the distinction, Google is renaming the “Videos” tab to “YouTube” and send people to YouTube when they click.

Carr’s post showed off the new YouTube tab on Bruno Mars‘ Google Plus page, but when I went there I saw the usual “Videos” tab. I started looking around at some of my favorite musicians, such as Eminem, and I kept seeing the usual Videos tab:

Yet after some snooping, I finally found what I was looking for, courtesy of, well, Snoop Dogg:

Many people will keep the old Videos tab around, and others will of course choose not to have one at all, but for those who have a lot of content on YouTube, this is a no-brainer. Both features require that you connect your YouTube and Google+ accounts together, something that Google will continue to push for as Google+ and YouTube get tied closer and closer together.

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Image credit: Sílvio Gabriel Spannenberg

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