Google AdWords can now monitor app downloads via ads on iOS devices

Google AdWords can now monitor app downloads via ads on iOS devices

Google AdWords can now be used to track the number of app downloads that were directed through in-app display advertisements on iPhone and iPad devices.

Morgan Hallmon, a Product Manager at Google, explained how advertisers and promoters could take advantage of the update over on the Inside AdWords blog:

“To set up iOS conversion tracking, advertisers need to create a single code snippet in their AdWords account and install it in their app.

This snippet is accessible in the AdWords interface in the same place where advertisers have been able to codelessly track Android downloads. With iOS conversion tracking, marketers can better understand which campaigns are most effective at driving app downloads.

These enhanced insights help marketers iterate on app promotion strategies to reach their return on investment goals, with the help of features like the Conversion Optimizer for apps.”

The feature has been available for Android app downloads for some time now, so it’s great to see it brought over to Apple’s devices too.

Google said marketers like Sho Masuda, Vice President of Player Marketing at the social game app developer GREE, will appreciate the AdWords functionality in particular.

“Google’s host of tracking and optimization tools help us quickly iterate and maximize ROI across our app promotion campaigns,” Masuda said. “iOS conversion tracking will help us gain even deeper insights into our Google app promotion efforts for our iOS apps.”

Image Credit: The Next Web

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