Google TV to hit France with Sony NSZ-GS7 set-top box on September 27

Google TV to hit France with Sony NSZ-GS7 set-top box on September 27

Already launching in the US and UK, Google TV is on track to make its mark in the rest of Europe, hitting France on September 27 with the launch of Sony’s NSZ-GS7 set-top box.

Partnering with Google, Sony will launch the oddly-named NSZ-GS7 for €200 euros tomorrow, aligning its pricing with sales of the device in the US and UK. French customers will also have the option to purchase Sony’s NSZ-GP9 device, which ships with an integrated Blu-ray player for €299, later in the year.

Sony’s Google TV powered set-top boxes deliver Android apps, full Internet browsing capabilities and live video streams, helping Google pursue its intention to takeover living rooms worldwide. The NSZ-GS7 ships with a double-sided remote with an ‘AZERTY’ keyboard on one side and a multi-positional sensor-equipped gaming device on the other.

YouTube has been tailored for bigger screens and Google Play has a large selection of apps that have been optimized for TV.

Earlier in the year, Google and Sony announced plans to launch the Internet Player in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Mexico and Netherlands, as well as the US, UK and France, expanding its footprint worldwide and competing with Apple’s own set-top box, as well as Samsung and LG’s integrated TV software platforms.

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