Google launches Chromebook rentals and bulk online purchases for Apps customers

Google launches Chromebook rentals and bulk online purchases for Apps customers

Today Google announced two key services for its Chromebook project: rentals, and the ability for its Apps customers to quickly purchase and deploy the hardware.

Renting a Chromebook costs $30 a month, a fee that declines over time. After the first 12 months with a device, the monthly cost goes to $25, and after two years, it falls further to $20. Obviously, at that point, it would be cheaper to have purchased the device outright.

You can also rent Chromeboxes for $25 a month, a price that declines to $18 monthly over time. There is no required time commitment for the rentals, making them a month- to-month service.

Google also announced a new feature for its current Apps customers: bulk purchase of Chromebooks online. If you are a current Apps customer, you can snag up to 10 units from a new portal that the company has launched. And, as Google would like you to know, you “can manage your fleet of Chromebooks right from the Apps control panel.”

The Chromebook project is alive and well, it would seem, despite a somewhat muted reaction from the market. As Chrome’s profile grows, perhaps so too will the Chromebook line of devices.

The Chromebook device that Google shows off to Apps customers in hopes that they will order a fleet retails for $599, once support is factored in. That’s not exactly cheap.

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