That was quick: Grooveshark disappears from the Google Play Store (again)

That was quick: Grooveshark disappears from the Google Play Store (again)

It appeared that controversial streaming music app Grooveshark was back for good when the Android title returned to Google’s Play Store earlier this week, but already it has mysteriously been pulled from the marketplace, suggesting music labels have pressured the search giant into removing it (again).

Grooveshark’s Android app had returned to Google Play after more than a year without a listing, following lawsuits from major music labels accusing it of copyright infringement by allowing users to upload and share tracks regardless of whether it had the license to offer them.

However, less than 48 hours after it quietly emerged, the app has disappeared and is no longer available via its dedicated Google Play URL or via search.

When the app launched, Grooveshark said in a statement: “After working closely with Google to get rogue apps removed, we’re delighted that the official Grooveshark app has been reinstated. We look forward to continuing to build a relationship with Android and leverage this fantastic platform for our partners.”

The company’s signal of intent wasn’t matched by representatives at Google or the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), after they both declined to comment. At the moment it isn’t clear whether the app was pulled by Grooveshark, by Google or following pressure from music labels.

Users can still download the app direct from the Grooveshark website.

We have contacted Google for comment on the matter and will update the article should we receive a response.

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