YouTube makes it easier for playlist creators to tell a story with new intro and outro feature

YouTube makes it easier for playlist creators to tell a story with new intro and outro feature

I used to do a video podcast, so I know how difficult it is to make everything look as professional as you want it to be when you upload it to YouTube. A nice feature of YouTube’s playlists is that you can add “interstitials” to help weave playlists together.

It was such a neat hack that YouTube decided to help out the community a bit by releasing a new intro and outro feature that lets you insert professional clips in between your videos easily.

Here’s what YouTube Engineer Eric Lundberg had to say about it:

You can choose from a variety of styles for text introductions and even add royalty-free music tracks. Interstitials will appear as unlisted videos in your account, and are eligible for monetization if they are at least 15 seconds long.

Within your playlist, simply click the introduction button:

You’ll then get a window that pops up which will let you shoot an intro or outro with your webcam:

If you prefer, you can create a text introduction with music, to make your playlist seem even more professional:

These particular features allow video creators to tell a full story in a series of videos. Even if you’re not making your own videos, creating a playlist is a way of providing a valuable service to the community. For an example, you could make a playlist of funny cat videos, with your comments in between with the intro. They call this “setting up the clip” on TV, and now you can do it on YouTube. Sweet.

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