Gmail emails to appear in Google search results in exclusive “field trial”

Gmail emails to appear in Google search results in exclusive “field trial”

Sagar Kamdar, Director of Product Management, Universal Search at Google, talked about how travel isn’t the best experience, and the company could help you with that.

Google discusses “Universal Search”, and says that email is a natural extension for the company.

“Gmail is almost larger than our web corpus and it continues to grow.” says Kamdar. We’re seeing a demo of what would happen if you searched for something to buy on Amazon. Gmail results for things will pop up on the right-hand side of your Google search, if you’re part of this trial.

In this instance, a shipping confirmation would pop up within your search. This is a huge step towards unification of all products for Google.

Being able to use Google to search through everything, your social connections and interactions, as well as your email, makes finding things easy. Google will parse out particulars about an email, like knowing its a shipping order, invitation or flight confirmation, which makes the search results even more relevant.

You can click an icon that “hides” personalized results, if you aren’t interested in seeing Gmail search results. This is tricky because this is also how you turn off personal search results influenced by Google+. This should most certainly be separated.

This is not available for everyone, but we’ll let you know when this is expected to be available globally. You can sign up to get the trial now.

Here’s a look at exactly what you’ll see once this is flipped on for you, this was a search I did for “flight”:

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