Google Ventures gets its own blog to talk entrepreneurship, deals and more

Google Ventures gets its own blog to talk entrepreneurship, deals and more

It’s extremely important for every piece of an organization to have an area on the Web where it can share its own voice. For a company that’s as large as Google, it’s very easy to loose site on just how much goes on within the confines of its Mountain View campus.

Today, a group that’s making waves, Google Ventures, steps out into the world with its own blog to discuss tips, tricks and more.

Here’s what the managing partner at Google Ventures, Bill Maris had to say:

At Google Ventures, we try to be the kind of hands-on investors that quietly help to build companies. We try to be the kind of investors we sought as entrepreneurs ourselves. Starting a company can be a lonely business, and it helps to know you’ve got someone on your side who has been through it before.

Today, we launch this blog as an experiment, hoping it will help you get to know the people and companies at Google Ventures a little better. We’ll share how we think about things and why, if you’re an entrepreneur, you might want to talk to Joe, Rich, Kevin and the rest of the team.

When I spoke with the team from Google Ventures, it was made clear that while this group is under the Google banner, it is not making investments on behalf of Google as a whole. This blog will help Ventures push and maintain its own voice in the world of Silicon Valley.

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