Google Fiber: It’s fast, costs $70, and we’re moving to Kansas City for it

Google Fiber: It’s fast, costs $70, and we’re moving to Kansas City for it

Google is getting into the Internet Service Provider (ISP) game, as you might have heard. Its new offering, Google Fiber was announced today in Kansas City. Right now, the service is only available there, but from what we can tell, it’s ridiculously fast.

For $70 a month you’ll get “gigabit” Internet service, which is 100 times faster than your standard cable modem. Kick in an extra $50 a month and you’ll get cable-TV-like-service as well.

Google is calling this service “the next chapter of the Internet”, and boy I want in on that book.

Check out this video introduction:

YouTube videos, Netflix streaming, gaming and everything you could imagine will now be flying to your home at ridiculous speeds. Can you imagine how fast your tweet will get sent out now? You’re going to be surfing this Internet on a magic carpet ride full of unicorns.

Seriously though, this is a huge space for Google to be in and there’s tons of money to be made. With not many choices for consumers out there, Google can swoop in with this top-shelf service and put someone like Comcast out of business.

You can pre-register now if you live in Kansas City, Missouri, or you can cry because you don’t live there like the rest of us:

Forget it, I’m packing my bags now. Who’s coming with me?

Google Fiber

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